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The swimming pool

For relaxation and well-ness of clients we have built the pool in the park adjacent to the hotel.
The salt water pool works, measuring 15 x 7 meters, has a maximum depth of 1.40 meters and is accessed by a staircase that descends comfortable and practical proportion.
The advantages of a salt water pool are many: greater comfort given by the slight saltiness that makes it look like the sea water and water-free healthier because of isocyanurate-based stabilizers (the dichloro isocyanurate is used in and trichloro as a stabilizer).
Using the electrolysis of sodium chloride, you avoid irritation to eyes and mucous membranes in addition to dry skin. The 'smell and taste of chlorine is absent.
In addition, the slightly salty water is a natural antiseptic that inhibits the formation of micro-organisms. The salinity of water is equal to that of a tear and gives a pleasant feeling of comfort.

So good bathroom.

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