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Every place is furnished with taste, enriched by the care for the things done with passion: every detail has been thought for making the heat of the hospitality with particular attention to the confort.
And here are the ceilings mace by wood, the colored curtains hand realized … and the functional baths with shower, the conditioned air and the tv in every local. Let's invite you to see the images that proposes this presentation of ours.


Stanza rosa

Stanza azzurra

Stanza verde

Stanza rossa

Mini appartamenti

App. giallo

App. arancione

Altri ambienti

Sala colazioni

Agriturismo Trebis, via dei Mulini 3/b, 46049 Volta Mantovana (MN), Tel./Fax 0376 801701, Mob. 333 9200842, P. IVA 01922560204 - a